| Title: Unprepared |

Today was the big day that everyone was scared of. That’s right, it was the beginning of exams week. I was not prepared for it, at all. I haven’t revised because of all the laziness that got over me. And now, I regret it all. It’s true kids, education really does come first.

“Can’t I just pretend to be sick?” I whined, looking at Niel as he drank some water. “I mean, it’s not my fault if I get sick. I’m bound to get away with it!”

“That’s not a good idea, baby.” He chuckled. “Well. Now it might be, but later it wont. You will have to do the exam sooner or later. And it’s better to get it over and done with.”

“But I’m not prepared! I haven’t revised and I really don’t know what I’ll be doing in the exam.” I cried. “If I do it later, won’t I get to revise more?”

“I guess so. But after the exam, it’s ‘Fun Week’, you don’t wanna be the loser that misses out.” He smiled, patting my head. “Just go with the flow, maybe you won’t do as bad as you think.”

I sadly nodded, listening to him. “Your bus is gonna arrive soon, best to get going now.” He put my back on my shoulder.

“Oooh~” I whined, pulling on a pout.

“Don’t worry to much, okay?” He kissed my cheek. I walked out the door, waving. “Good luck, baby.” He shouted, I turned around and gave him a flying kiss.


TODAY IS ADMIN LOVELY’S VIOLIN EXAM YAAAAAY. And I don’t know my scales and pieces and I’M GONNA DIE. And if you’re having an exam soon or even today, good luck!!



| Title: Locked Up Confession |

No one’s P.O.V

“Don’t you think Niel hyung and _____ noona go well together?” Changjo sat down on the floor against L.Joe’s shoulder.

“Too bad those idiots keep arguing. They say they hate eachother, but it’s obvious they like eachother, too.” Chunji sighed, slightly agreeing.

While C.A.P flipped through the channels, Ricky started giggling. He laughed more and started slamming his hand on the leather couch. The other 4 stared at him in confusion.

“What?” C.A.P raised a brow, Ricky just laughed again, though he was trying to stop.

“Whaaat?!” L.Joe groaned, growing tired of the younger’s baby-like laughs.

“We could lock them up,” Ricky finally said, however in a whisper. The others wondered what on Earth he was talking about. “Niel hyung and _____ Noona, they’re in the room together right now. We could lock the room and leave them there for a few hours or so. The only way they can get out is by confessing.”

The 5 of them shared glances, fiddling with their lips. “You know, for a loner like you, you have pretty good set-up plans.” Chunji approved. “Well, get to it then.”

_____’s P.O.V

“I honestly can not believe you just did that.” I whined, picking up my now broken Big Bang pen. “It was so expensive, Oppa.”

“Get over it, _____, it’s just a same old biro pen with G-Dragon’s face on it.” He rolled his eyes as I threw a hairbrush at him. “Yah! Don’t hit me!”

“You deserve to be hit because 1; you broke my Big Bang pen which cost me the equivilent of a KFC family bucket and 2; you disrespected Jiyong oppa!” I glared, standing up to his height, which wasn’t really his height since I go up to his chin. “Now excuse you, I’m going to leave and cry now.” I stomped to the door.

“You better leave!” He shouted.

I pushed the handle down but the door didn’t open. I harshly pulled it, only tk hurt myself. “Uh oh.” I whispered.

“What?” Niel scoffed, walking over to door beside me. “This is how you open a door; grab the handle and push it do-” He tried pushing it down too. “Y-yah, what is this?”

“We’re locked, stupid!” I sat down on his bed, a despair look attached to my face. “Those five boys locked us up.”

“Ugh great. I’m locked up with you now? It’s bad enough your existing in my life.” He scratched his head as I threw him a look. How could he say something so… Hurtful? “God, Ricky open the door.” He said quietly.

“What’s your problem?” I glared. “Why do you hate me so much?”

“Because your ugly face can’t get along with mine.” He carelessly smiled.

“This is why we can’t get along, Oppa!” I shouted. “You can’t stop those stupid, stupid remarks! Everyday, every hour, every minute; you throw an insult at me and I have nothing at fault!”

Hs stared at me in disbelief from my outcome. He looked down, curling his hands into a ball. “Look, _____. Its just a natural thing to do now. I mean, ever since we first met we pratically killed eachother, and that was when we were five.” He sat next to me. “Why do you care so much, anyway? It’s not like you’re hurt or anything.”

“What if I told you it does hurt, huh? It really hurts for you to say such mean words without a reason behind it.” I gulped. “It hurts a lot when I hear those words full of hate from someone I like.” I whispered quietly.

No noise was heard for a few moments except for the little breaths we took. Niel still hasn’t uttered a word and I don’t know why. I sniffed and wiped a tear.

“I…” He started, pausing. “I like you too.” I looked at him as if he were crazy. “I know I am severly mean to you a lot of times, but it’s only because I’m afraid of hurting you-”

“You already are.” I pouted as he pinched my cheek.

“You know what I mean.” He smiled and embraced an arm around my shoulder. “So, will you be my girlfriend?” He looked down as I looked up, we chuckled.

“Yeah, I will be your girlfriend.” I smiled. “Just as long as you take me out to KFC right now and buy me a Big Bang pen!”

He knocked his forehead against mine and bit my nose. “Whatever…” He mumbled and rested his head on top of mine.


Sorry for any mistakes! And do you guys have any suggestions on what to do for the boys’ anniversar? ;;



The two shortest in the group were always teased about their height. Sure Changhyun was a bit short too but he never got tease. It was probably because he’s just too cute and innocent. I don’t know. But it was always Chanhee and Byunghun, no one else got mocked. It’s not all bad, I guess. All…


| Title: Smile |

 Silence. No noise was heard from the room 168. A skinny and pale faced girl was staring outside her window with her boyfriend beside her. The girl had no expression, but a frown, on her face. She showed no emotion and moved not even the slightest inch. She stayed still like a statue ever since she woke up a couple of minutes ago. Ricky sighed. He had never expected her to be like this when they first met. She used to be bright and bubbly before everything collapsed and broke down. 

 ”Jagiya,” Ricky whispered so quietly. “Will you eat, even just a little bit? Just… Please. You haven’t eaten anything for ages now.” Hearing no response, he put the bowl of soup down with a faint huff.

 Ricky flinched at the sight. A paranoid and weak girl sitting in front of him tugged the strings of his heart. If he was there, it wouldn’t of happened. If he wasn’t careless, he would of been able to protect her. He blamed himself and no one else. Yes, _____ did go out in the night but Ricky was the one who wouldn’t accompany her. He blamed himself when she was raped.

 And having the last member of your family pass away didn’t help, especially when it was your precious mother. All the crazy events that happened caused her to be irritated with everything, and with that, she earned mental depression.

 ”She will come back right?” _____ whispered. “She has to.” she cried, her tears falling drop by drop. “She had no illness or diseases. She didn’t suffer from anything. She has to come back!”

 Ricky put an arm around her, squeezing her shoulder as she cried. “Maybe she will, but it’s unlikely.” he kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry to say this, jagiya but…” he sighed. “No one comes back from the dead.” 

 He frowned slightly, it’s been 2 months since he’d last seen her smile. He missed it, a lot.

 ”Can… Can you do me a favor?” Ricky asked. “It’s our anniversary soon and I wanted you to get the most expensive present.”

 ”Ricky! Can’t you see I’m in a crying mess right now?” _____ screamed.

 ”Shh, shh.” he put his finger on her lips. He replaced the finger with his lips and gave a her a sweet kiss. _____ smiled a bit. “That’s right. Smile. That’s what I wanted.”


I don’t know, it was getting long and I decided to end it. And the ending was crap. I’m sorry. :(


when chunji still had cheek fats (⋋▂⋌)

If you were to introduce a girl to each other?


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